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Denki Groove – MAN HUMAN (DEVILMAN crybaby Ver.) [Single] (OP&ED)

Denki Groove - MAN HUMAN (DEVILMAN crybaby Ver.) Devilman: Crybaby Opening & Ending Episode 9 #1Download "Devilman: Crybaby" Opening Theme"MAN HUMAN (DEVILMAN crybaby Ver.)" by Denki Groove Title : MAN HUMAN MAN HUMAN (DEVILMAN crybaby Ver.) MAN HUMAN (Instrumental)Artist(s) :Denki GrooveFormat :Zip/Mp3Bitrate :320kbpsDuration :04:15OST :OpeningSize :29.5 MBDownload :MirrorSolidfilesGoogle DriveZippyshareSendit #2Download "Devilman: Crybaby" Ending Theme"Konya dake" by Takkyuu to Tabibito Title :Konya dake (今夜だけ)Artist(s) :Takkyuu to Tabibito (卓球と旅人)Format :Zip/Mp3Bitrate :320kbpsUse :Ep 9OST :EndingSize :13.4 MBDownload :MirrorSolidfilesGoogle DriveZippyshareSendit Other OST: Devilman: Crybaby This is only a preview Please buy the original/official to...